4 Solutions To Shrinking Living Spaces

By | May 3, 2016
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As modern metropolises rapidly expand with more and more people moving in, living spaces are shrinking. Partly due to rising real estate costs in cities, most urban tenants live in cramped and tiny spaces barely enough for a single person. Obviously, many space issues come up. Most people now rent on a permanent basis, and run into lack of space issues. If you live in a tiny apartment and have no place to put your stuff, check out these solutions:

1. Stash Your Stuff Elsewhere

If you have tables or chairs that you use rarely or seasonally, but don’t want to sell them off, you can stash them with furniture storage companies operating in your area. These offer self-storage options for people with small space issues. You can have your valuables stashed for an affordable annual rate, and have access to them at any time. These facilities are secure and will keep your valuables safe from the elements.

2. Ceiling Shelves

If you have valuables that are too small for furniture storage companies Dubai, you can buy shelves that you can mount close to the ceiling. These are extremely convenient for small apartments. They are stylish and sometimes unnoticeable, and do not take up living space. If the ceiling is high enough, they will not even get in your way of moving around. You can have ceiling shelved custom made, which might cost more, or purchase readymade ones from supermarkets.

3. Bunk Beds

You can increase living space in your bedroom or make way for an extra bed or a dressing table by using a bunk bed. Just like in a college dorm room, you will be able to use the space under the bed as you wish. This is a good solution for studio apartments or one-bedroom rental facilities. There are plenty of designer bunk beds intended for home use that you can purchase online or in store.

4. Small Tables under Big Ones

If you have large end tables, they usually tend to gather clutter. Everyone ends up putting their books, newspaper, cups and plates on the table, and before you know it, you room is a mess. So, you can create more space to keep stuff by placing smaller tables under the big table. If you need a place to keep newspapers or books, you can use these smaller tables instead of the big one. Then, you will have more space to plates and mugs on the big table.

Basically, think outside the box when it comes to decluttering your house and creating more space to keep stuff.