How To Get Through Your Defence Thesis

By | June 3, 2016
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The thesis in our graduate or undergraduate years is something that we all dread and moan about. The thesis defence is something that we mentally worry about for around a year and have finally have nervous breakdowns for. It is an extremely important step that can either make or break your graduation (and the dreams of wearing the cap and finally being done). But the thesis defence presentation is not something to mentally kill yourself about if you know how to prepare for it properly. Here are some ideas to make sure you get the final check to your thesis.
Prepare for worst case scenario
Whether it is about the presentation itself or the content, preparing yourself for the worst will ensure that you will end up satisfied at least somewhat. When you are preparing your notes on what kind of questions the examinees and the committee will ask, think of the questions that are the hardest to answer.
If there are gaps in your papers, field work and testing then you need to be able to cover them and explain the situation as to why there were gaps. If it was something that could not helped or got around with, then it should be clearly explained.
The presentation timing
Usually the presentation runs for around 20-30 minutes at maximum. It is to briefly explain your study, field and laboratory testing, methodology, issues you run into, results and the conclusions. You do not need to go into details in any of these sections, and just briefly explain what you did.
Slides should be numbered as it will be easier to refer back to them and acronyms should be avoided. It would be good to have some slides answer most basic of questions answered by the committee.
Presenting yourself
You should have made a quick run to a men salon (or ladies) to get a good quick grooming. You need to be prepared to let your attire do your marketing for you. So it should not be too flashy or too wallpaper-ish.
After a men salon in Dubai visit, then you need to have gotten some formal wear that fits you properly. Belts and shoes should be able to blend into the outfit and not stand out on their own. Nails should be cut and cleaned. Aftershave and perfumes that are too smelly (whether in a good way or a bad way) should be avoided on that particular day.
It is recommended to do a rehearsal run of your presentation with your advisor and colleagues at school. They will be able to pinpoint where you should focus on your presentation and you might get some tips on handling yourself with questions.