Job Opportunities Available For International Students

By | May 5, 2016
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If you’re a student studying in a distant country it is usual that you may have difficulties in finding money for certain activities that are outside your budget such as entertainment, leisure activities and traveling. There are many students who also work while studying to find an extra source of income. But there are certain things that you need to take into account when looking for a job abroad while you’re on student visa. There could be certain rules and regulations pertaining to employment in the country and also you need to consider your studies and the time available for you when selecting a job. So here are a list of possible job opportunities that we think are most suitable for students and undergraduates.
Work at the university
Most universities have job opportunities within them that foreign students may hardly know about. Working in the cafeteria, library, computer centers and administration section are few of the job opportunities that are available for you. Working within the university will help you make new friends, provide a secure environment for you as well as help you improve your language skills.
Hospitality jobs
This is also a very popular field of employment among students. There are number of opportunities available for part time maids in Dubai, bar tenders, restaurant assistants, receptionists, delivery service operatives and many other job roles in the field of hospitality management. The only problem related to working in restaurants and hotels is the lengthy hours of work and it could be quite exhausting.
Call centers
For those that are good with the language and for those who are friendly and communicative this could be a very good option. Working in a cal center will give you exposure to many things and you could learn a lot about the country and how things are done. And the other plus point is that it requires minimum physical effort when compared to other exhausting jobs available.
Nursing and caring
This could be the ideal job for girls. There are many couples who seek for nanny in Dubai and part time maids, and also there are so many elderly people who require caring, support and help with their day to day work. You could babysit or find elderly couples that need support and you could adjust your work hours with them according to your lecture times. This could be rewarding, relaxing as well as interesting for you.
There are companies that provide internships for limited periods of time and you could find a company that suits your field of study so it would benefit you financially and at the same will help you with your studies as well.