Spending Your Hols At Home?

By | May 20, 2016
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Well, most of us picture ourselves holidaying in the beach side and sipping a cool beverage under the shade of a beach umbrella. Is that everything to do about your holiday? Well, no! If you are stuck at home this time, cheer up, there’s going to be so many things you actually can do. You don’t have to lock yourself indoors and play games the whole day! This is why we thought of bringing you some interesting activities to do at home when you are on summer or spring break. Take a look!
Get your buddies to come home
If you are too bored spending the rest of your days home (especially when you don’t have any siblings) you can always invite your pals to your home. Ask them what they would like to do during the stay and plan something exciting and new. You can also go out with them to do some shopping, to watch your favorite Malayalam movies at the cinema halls, to have lunch or to have a walk to the park just to have some fresh air and fun.
Have a movie marathon
Pick at least three of your favorite Malayalam movies and watch them at a stretch. You can get together with your family or even your friends. It would be a great way to spend your day especially if you don’t have anything in mind to do. Also don’t forget to have the popcorn ready. You will also need extra chips and Coke to spend your movie marathon.
Do something useful
Well, it might not sound fun but it has to be done. After all, you have been chanting these words already a million times “I’ll do it once its holiday”. So, here are the holidays and here’s your work! Well, you can start off by cleaning your rooms and decluttering them. Dispose all the unwanted stuff and make room for the important and new things. This will make your room look bigger and spacious at the same time. Also you can get your hands on the vacuum cleaner and start cleaning your home. Give your home some new paint if you are bored with the old colors.
Cook something new
Cooking is such a good thing to do because after it’s over, your taste buds will be thanking you and you feel so good. So, whether you are a pro in the kitchen or not, try to cook something new. It’s not hard to find for new recipes when you have Google with you. Whether you are finding for a new dessert, breakfast idea, lunch or even dinner, all you need is to just type it. You can also make this the time to do some new experiments as well.