Subtle Ways To Celebrate Your Indian Origins When You Live Somewhere Else

By | May 23, 2016
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India is one of the biggest, most culturally diverse, and most interesting countries in the world. And if you’re from India, then you also know how loyal Indians are to their country. No matter how many generations go by, and how far they’ve gone from Mother India, Indians still know how to set up shop with dhal curry, idli or biriyani and dance their hearts out. But of course, living in a different country requires you to relate to and assimilate there to a certain extent. So here are some subtle ways you can ‘be Indian’ while living in another country:
Live and Breathe Bollywood
These days it’s all about celebrating difference, and Bollywood is so much more known around the world that you shouldn’t have a hard time celebrating the huge impact that it has had on India. Listen to Bollywood songs, watch Bollywood movies, have crushes on Bollywood stars and have a ‘Bollywood night’ for a birthday party. All the latest gossip is available online and after a couple of months, so will the movie be.
However, Bollywood has become so popular today that movie stores now stock Bollywood movies while theatres play them exclusively. Clubs and bars are very eager to invite a couple of stars over and have a Bollywood night Dubai of their own because it’s such a lucrative and rooted industry.
Don the Jewellery
The best part of India is that both men and women wear all sorts of jewellery. Just because you move to a colder climate doesn’t mean you have to change your fashion sense. Wear the silver ear studs or drops to school if you’re allowed or out of it if you’re not. Girls can do the waist chain or the toe ring, or even the nose ring, while men can try the silver amulets and rings. While there is more choice for the women, men can incorporate the bright colours of Indian clothing into their own sense of fashion. Try a kurta for the next wedding, instead of a boring suit and tie, or find some leather sandals that are sold in India and wear those during summer.
Mehendi Patterns
Again, more girls do this than boys, but mehendi is becoming more popular among the men as well, who’ve discovered that they can have painless, but still fierce, tattoos that also fade away after a while (just in case they regret it). Mehendi is a big part of Indian culture, particularly Indian weddings, when the bride’s arms, hands, and feet are covered in mehendi designs. Abroad, you can buy mehendi cones from a store that stocks Indian goods and pipe designs onto any part of your body with the certain knowledge that it is going to fade in 2 weeks. Then you have the pleasure of doing it all over again.