The Great Asian Empire – Persia

By | May 13, 2016
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Out of all the great ancient civilizations of the world, the Mesopotamian civilization indeed takes a special place which possessed a rich culture, efficient trade activities and many innovations. The name “Persia” simultaneously correlates with the Mesopotamian civilization as an empire that was built centuries after in the same land as ancient Mesopotamia. “Persia” is the ancient name of the country that we call “Iran” at present and the term “Persia” originated due to a main city named “Parsa” and later the westerners called the empire that was built around “parsa”, the Persian Empire. Iran is just a part of Persia; to call Iran, would be like calling the United Kingdom, England. Persia was an enormous empire that stretched from Egypt to India which was famous for many things.
Cyrus the great and Darius are known as the two most powerful kings that reined the Persian Empire. During the time of king Darius, he divided the kingdom to 20 distinct provinces so that not a single region could be more powerful than another. A province as such was named a “satrap” and each province was ruled by a governor. Persia was known for having well systematic network of road and rich architecture. The longest road in the Persian Empire was known as the Royal Road which was more than 1550 mile long. Royal messengers delivered messages on horseback back in ancient Persia (approx. 500 BC) and merchants used camel back to transport their goods. Trade was well developed in ancient Persia and various types of items from carpets to perfumes UAE were traded even across borders. In 520 BC an enormous and a magnificent palace was built under the rule of king Darius which was called the Royal Palace.
After the conquering of various types of nations by Cyrus the great and keeping them under the reign of Persian Empire, people were allowed to carry on with their various types of cultures traditions, religions and languages. Religions and customs were not ruler’s concerns as long as the people obeyed the rules and paid their taxes. However the main religion observed by the majority of the Persians apart from those nations that were conquered later, was Zoroastrianism. They believed in one God named Ahura Mazda. Persia was famous for lavish floor coverings. Exquisite carpets were one of the main hallmarks of Persia and Persia was also famous for spices, scrumptious food, beautiful women and sensuous Arabian perfumes.
The fall of the Persian Empire took place in year 334 BC when King Alexander the great conquered all the cities, nations and everything covering from Egypt to India.