Thinking About The Target Market When You Are Starting A Clothing Store

By | May 20, 2016
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Are you a person who has a great deal of passion for fashion? Also do you have the business sense to work and do something of your own? Well, then you need to combine both these aspects and be your won master of a clothing store. For some of us who loves to run their own shops, this can be one dream. So, in order to achieve that goal you need to put in some effort. When you are thinking about the type of store, you can’t leave out your target market. This is one of the main pillars in which you will be building your business. So, we came up with some tips that every show-owner-to-be needs to keep in their mind. Take a look!

Are you serving one or both genders?

Sometimes as a starting step, you might want to choose just one gender. With time you would like to expand. This depends of your budget and how much you can put in money for the store in order to make the purchases. Also space matters a lot too. If you are renting or buying a very small space, then you want to check for special storage features. So, things like this can be certain boundaries for you to make up your mind for just one gender. But if you are confident and you think you can invest in another, then go for it.

Women’s clothes

Let’s start from the hardest part. Women’s clothes actually don’t have a proper limit with the ongoing fashion trends and when they become complex minds full f fashionable ideas and with this do’s and don’ts to buy. This is why it can be a bit tricky when selecting apparel for women to store in your shop. But the key detail is to be unique. Whether you are manufacturing these clothes for your shop or you are buying from elsewhere, try to select clothes that are new, hard to find in your area (if you live in Dubai then select unique Dubai based fashion designers clothes for women), and also seasonable. You need to determine the price tags as well.

Choosing men’s clothes

Unlike women, the percentage of men who shop is really low. But when they do, it’s serious. Often we see them shopping with their wives and girl friends and buy whatever the girl says ‘good’. But you need to make the tasks easy for them even if they come shopping alone. So, get to know the different men’s clothes trends online and collect inspiration from different tuxedos to casual linen shirts. Also don’t forget the accessories they would like to buy like cuff links, ties, hats, caps and much more.

Kid’s clothes

If your total focus is on this type, then pretty sure you can make a good profit out if it as well. The purpose is to make shopping easy for moms when it comes to baby-shopping for clothes and other accessories. You can walk an extra mile by selling other baby items like toys as well. Another point is you have several ages when you go for kid’s clothes. Starting from toddler to teens you can spread your clothing store or you can cut down from the age 10.