Tips For Dressing Smartly For A Job Interview

By | May 26, 2016
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Job interviews are nerve wracking and stress inducing. And although many people will say so otherwise, first impressions can make or break your chances. So you will need to dress to the occasion and yet not like you put a lot of effort into it. For those who have gone for multiple job interviews, the unwritten rules must have been obvious. But for those who are doing their first interview these rules will not be apparent until you see the other contestants.

When picking the clothes

Your favorite plus size womens jeans are forbidden and any kind of casual clothing is not to be worn for the interview at all. If you are going to buy new clothes then get a cut suit that fits to you correctly and comfortably and a light colored shaded short or blouse to wear underneath the suit. If you are buying clothing separately then professional office pants and blouse along with a dark colored blazer are the best suited. If you are wearing a suit that is too tight or is uncomfortable it will show on your attitude and face after hours of wearing it.

If you are going to wear a belt then it should match you’re the dress shoes you will be wearing. There should not a single article of clothing or makeup on your face that stands out too much from the rest of the outfit.

When picking makeup it is highly recommended to go with neutral shades on foundation, blush, powder and bare minimum of liner and mascara. Do not put too much makeup on that it will show on your face.

Physical hygiene

Make sure to shower in the morning and wear deodorant. Cologne, aftershave and overpowering perfumes are to be avoided. Sometimes the chemicals in these can end up causing allergic reactions (imagine your potential boss breaking out in hives because of your cologne). Teeth should be brushed properly and a breath mint is recommended before you go to the interview. Smoking and eating before and interview is not recommended .If you are eating then you need to brush your teeth again afterwards.

If you are going for the second interview then it is still recommended to be decent and smart in your appearance and not go down with the plus size womens jeans (even if the dress code is casual).

Coordinating socks and dress shoes must be worn to complete any outfit and a tie for the gents. When choosing a tie and a shirt or blouse make sure to go for neutral shades or something that complements the suit. Flashy colors, patterns and shapes are to be steered clear of.