Tips For Living Alone In The City

By | April 29, 2016
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If you are a young person with a college degree, you are probably living in a city right now by yourself doing your first professional job. Living in the city by yourself cannot be easy, especially if you family and childhood friends are far away. There are many problems to consider when managing everything. However, don’t be overwhelmed and follow these tips to make your life in the city better:
Become Friends with Your Neighbors
When you live alone, there will be no one to tell you if your house has been broken into or if you scream in the middle of the night, except for your neighbors. So make an effort to be friends with them, so they look out for your place when you are not there. Go make friends with your neighbors as soon as the movers in Dubai bring in all your stuff to the place you are renting.
Join a Book Club
If you want to make new friends in the city, or want to get to know the area you live in better, join a book club. You will get to meet great people who can become potential allies later and help you out if there’s any trouble in the future. If you don’t like reading, find an equivalent like a Star Wars fan club or a swim club.
Know Essential Numbers
You must keep list of important number handy at hand. Find and note down the number for landlord, plumber, electrician, movers, local fire department, local police station, local cab services, and so on. Have the local number ready because Google might only give you national or state numbers. Keep them noted down digitally as well as manually. This is extremely important especially when you move into a new place.
Have Emergency Contacts
You need to have friends, family and people living nearby to call in an emergency. This is why making friends with the neighbors is so important. Write down their number, and you should also give them your personal information to provide to emergency medical personnel or police just in case.
Get a Tourist Guide to Your City
If you want to learn more about the city you live in, get a tourist guide. It will include numbers for restaurants, cafes, and list all the attractions you can visit. If you want to learn more, you can always ask the people who have grown up in the city.
Last but not least, you should also make a list of reliable cab drivers in the area whom you can trust to drop you off at your place if you go out at night.